More people are turning to contacts these days. Colored contacts non prescription are fast becoming the newest thing. The question remains, how do we know we have picked the right ones? Before you sit down and cut the check, please take a few of these tips to heart.

1- What color are your eyes now? I am talking about the natural color. If your eyes are lighter, you need to pick enhancement contacts. Enhancement contacts will brighten up the natural color. Are you looking for something darker? Your best bet is to pick the opaque ones. The opaque contacts will bring out the dark in your eyes, but in a good way. Consider these choices when you go shopping.

2- Let’s now take a look at the quality of change you are looking for. Are you looking for something small and not so noticeable? Some of you might not want something so out and proud. You’d be surprised how many of you are out there. Your best bet is to pick a hue which is not so bright. This works well while you are at the office.


When you are working, you don’t want anything which will distract from the work. You are there to work, not put on a show for everyone else. If you are going out and looking to liven things up, a brighter hue might be better. It’s up to you. You know your style better then anybody.

3- Look at the comfort and feel too. You shouldn’t pick contacts based on the physical appearance alone. Picking colored contacts is a lot like picking the perfect pair of shoes. There is more to it then just how they look on you. If the contacts feel uncomfortable in any way, these won’t be the right ones for you. Comfort needs to override style.

4- Think about how often you will be wearing them. Are you going to be wearing them everyday, all day long? If this is the case, you need to by disposable colored contacts. In this category they range from daily, weekly and monthly. There are a lot of really good brands on the market. Pick the one which best suits you.

Are you looking to wear them every so often? Some people just wear them a few times a year, depending on the need. If this is the case, you need something on more of a yearly basis. There is no point on buying something which you won’t be using that often.


5- You are going to need a prescription. I don’t care how often you wear them, you need to seek medical treatment first. Some of you might just be looking for the vision correction scenario. It won’t matter. At the end of the day, it’s still treated as a medical condition. Go see your normal eye doctor before you buy. Ask him or her for some advise. This is their stock and trade, so they should be able to give you some sound advise.